Building RAMM Flex Fence Paddocks… with a *how-to*.

It feels like as of late all we have been doing is working on fencing in our *down time* (HAAAA down time, good joke). But I needed a way to start weaning baby Teo off momma CC, and taking them back and forth to a stall with run to separate for a few hours a day until he was fully weaned just wasn’t going to cut it.

Belle, Teo, and CC in their new paddock arrangement!

My boyfriend engineered the loveliest setup so that momma can still have a big paddock, and baby can have a small paddock on the side of that (technically we built it inside the existing paddock, but on one side utilizing the existing fence for part of it). He also designed it so there is an extra little paddock too, for my mini Belle instead of her having to hang in a stall and run when baby is free (he is a little boy and boys play rough!).

To match the rest of the fencing, we used RAMM 525 Flex Fence in brown with 4 boards. I thought a quick little install tutorial might be helpful! We already had the posts and cross braces built by the time I started videoing, so this is just for the RAMM portion of the fencing. We still need to add electric lines (RAMM SHockline) on top of all boards (because a certain someone has figured out how to stick his head through the fence to reach a teat if mom is close enough), and then chop the top of the posts off. But I am so happy with how these turned out!


Built a couple of additional paddocks for the horses, so did a quick easy how-to install @rammfence 525 flex fence. So excited how they turned out! #fence #fencing #farmlife #farmtok #horsetok #fyp #howto #horse #horses #horselife #horsefence #dressage #horsebreeding #horsebreeder

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