My Horses and Poop Mountain

Poop Mountain

The beauty of snow in Colorado is that it disappears after a few days of sunshine. USUALLY. I have had snow on the ground for over 2 weeks now. As you may realize at this stage, I have some body deficits/disabilities, so I cannot chisel frozen horse poop without causing LASTING effects. I normally hand-pick my paddocks clean daily. TWO WEEKS OF HORSES POOP on the ground was murdering my soul.


When your mother creates a poop mountain so you have a clean*ish* paddock, it’s very important to destroy it immediately. ??‍♀️ #horses

♬ Bloody Mary x Sweet dreams Shad mashup – Shad Hottaboy

Enter Steve, the best hunnie ever. He used the tractor to scrape it all up, with a good amount of snow, into a poop mountain. So at least there are not land mines everywhere to trip and break something over, and the ground is clean-ish. And as a bonus, hopefully the little bit of snow that is left on the ground will melt quickly. The mountain itself should melt relatively quickly too so I can put all of that poop into the dumpster as well.

Leave it to Tempi to decide the poop mountain needs her personal touch of destruction. I love her *not phased by anything* demeanor but LEAVE THE POOP MOUNTAIN ALONE!

Here’s crossing fingers and hooves we thaw out enough before next trash day so that I can actually remove all the poop from the paddocks!

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