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    Tack Room Upgrade

    We have been on our farm for a little over 2 years now. This entire time I have been using my horse trailer as my tack-up station (not that I was riding much so it didn’t really matter). I have high hopes of building my dream barn someday (once prices come WAY down again – which may or may not ever happen). But in the interim, we (my boyfriend Steve and I) finally bit the bullet and renovated/upgraded these 2 little tack closet things my barn had because I am finally starting to actually ride my horses; and climbing in/out of the trailer was obnoxious (thanks a lot legs), and…

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    Equine & Equestrian Affiliate & Ambassador Programs

    You may have noticed some of your favorite equestrians name dropping or even linking to some of their favorite products. There are many reasons for this, but the one I am touching on today is brand affiliates or brand ambassadors. Brand Ambassadors/Affiliates don’t get paid for what they do, per se, and they don’t get free products (like say, a sponsorship). Instead, they represent a brand they themselves typically support and they get a custom coupon code and/or link for that brand. If purchases are made through that link/code, they get a commission for those sales. Different brands handle their ambassador program differently: but typically some will give you credit…

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    I bought a saddle!

    I am not, nor ever have been, a western rider. With that being said one of the goals with my young horse Tempi (Temptation ASH) is to not only do regular dressage, but to also do Western Dressage. So I have been very gingerly saddle shopping for a western saddle. My musts: show/equitation seat, not roughout, camel/light oil color, 25lbs or under, and ideally a little pretty tooling. Her musts: a wide bar set/gullet/whatever the heck it is called in western saddles. Easier said than done when combining all the requirements, on a used saddle, with a low (ideally $500 ish) budget. Then a GF posted a saddle she had…