For F*ck’s Sake, My Zoom Call Unmuted

Apparently, my Zoom meeting today decided I was yelling/talking enough on mute, that I didn’t mean to be on mute, so it unmuted me. IN THE MIDDLE OF CUSSING MY DOGS OUT for going bark-bonkers on the Amazon delivery guy through the office window. And before you call me out, I promise I was on mute because it said to me “You are muted. Press Alt+A to unmute your microphone, or press and hold the SPACE key to temporarily unmute.”

I didn’t realize it unmuted me until I went to unmute myself. Only to find out I was no longer muted. So I apologized profusely to the people. Who thank goodness were dog people and eventually had to apologize for their own dogs barking. I think I still take the cake since I dropped the F-bomb in full lunatic mode, and I am 99.9% sure everyone on the call heard it.

On a positive note the weather made it to a balmy 31° with loads of sunshine. So the backyard melted just enough for the dogs to get muddy paws after every potty break. Thankfully they are good little horses and let us *pick their feet* every time they come in the house as requested. If you want to insta-stalk my dogs, you can do so here, they are pretty cool so you won’t regret it LOL.

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