My life is rocky right now…

We had a tandem truckload of concrete chunks (large aggregate rocks) delivered today. HA cute play on words in my subject line. (I know I know, dad joke).

This is to remedy the fact that we did a bunch of dirt work to fix grading issues this past year. We are now discovering with all the snowmelt that it is working the way we wanted, which is, in turn, turning the drainage areas on the side of our driveway and our barn parking pad lower area into mud soup.

This is not ideal. My car and our sideXside get stuck leaving the driveway going up the parking area to the barn. I am at risk of losing a boot if I walk in it. I’m at risk of falling face-first into it (I’m not a girlie girl, so I don’t want a dang mud mask). Not fun. So to remedy that, we got 2-4″ chunks of concrete delivered. We are going to compact that into the problem areas while it is nice and soft to make a firmer base, to allow the drainage to continue WITHOUT making mud soup (think of it like a french drain or gutter that we can drive over).

Once we get this done and everything compacted, we will add smaller, nicer rock, to match what the driveway and parking areas already have. And to make it a little nicer to walk on for the humans and horses.

When you buy a plot of land, and turn it into your home and horse dream, the number of projects never cease. I feel like groundwork and rock have filled up a majority of my life (outside of work) the last 2 years LOL.

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