macro photography of bee perched on flower

Buzz Off….

Put your sound on to watch the video. This is the second year this has been a problem. (It’s also the second year I’ve had the horses home).

I will preface this with we have a residential community with thousands of homes on one side of our property. There are 30 hobby beehives in those homes pretty near to us according to a neighbor friend that has bees and uses a beekeeping service that services the neighborhood. And unfortunately, not all hobby beekeepers know the needs of their bees on days like today (70 degrees when it is still winter). Sugar water is great, but bees actually need a lot more than that to survive and thrive. Honey bees require carbohydrates (sugars in nectar or honey), amino acids (protein from pollen), lipids (fatty acids, sterols), vitamins, minerals (salts) and water.

So those hungry bees come over to our place to steal the pollen off the hay.

I already have 2 horses with mouth stings today, 1 of those horses being pregnant. The horses are terrified of their hay (and I put out 12 piles to try and make a safe place, but the more hay I brought out, the more bees came around), and I need those pregnant mares to be well fed not to mention ALL the horses to feel safe eating. To say I am not happy is an understatement.

I have a pollen block coming from Amazon tomorrow (it was the only saving grace last year for me):* So I am praying that does the trick once I can get it outside.

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