#swoob and #swass

#Swoob and #Swass Season

You might be wondering what that title is all about. One of my favorite local weather guys (Kody from Denver & Front Range Weather) coined these hashtags in one of his recent posts and I am all about them. It stands for sweaty (fill in the blanks). Well, I should say the hashtags made me cackle… The fact I am experiencing them – not so much.

I am SO BEHIND on posting. A lot has happened. I will create some separate posts for the really fun things that deserve it.

But in short:

Behold Teodoro CFS - Oldenburg Colt
  • The bees are gone since things have bloomed;
  • Tempi (my young grey mare) broke my foot by using it as a launchpad to do a spook during night check;
  • The hospital that I went to for treatment basically treated me in the waiting room because they were so busy/full (and a majority of the waiting room staff was AWFUL until my boyfriend kind of let them have it as I sat there literally sobbing and throwing up from pain);
  • I took my pregnant mare (CC) to a place to foal out… she told me she was not happy here… we panic built 2 stalls and runs in a week… I brought her home;
  • I took the CSU online course for “Foaling and Foal Care” and got the certification that goes along with it;
  • CC HAD HER BABY. I repeat we have a baby (follow Cadence Farm Sporthorses on insta for baby spam);
  • CC retained her entire dang placenta, so that was a huge learning curve for a first-time breeder foaling out at home alone. Thanks to the best veterinary team ever for helping get me through that with no emergency vet hospital stays and a happy healthy mare in the end;
  • We had a huge snowstorm towards the end of May with the day before being 80 degrees;
  • Colordo is in a perpetual state of *fire danger* so for the love of all things holy, please don’t do anything that can start a fire.
  • I think that covers all the major happenings.

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