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You may have noticed some of your favorite equestrians name dropping or even linking to some of their favorite products. There are many reasons for this, but the one I am touching on today is brand affiliates or brand ambassadors.

Brand Ambassadors/Affiliates don’t get paid for what they do, per se, and they don’t get free products (like say, a sponsorship). Instead, they represent a brand they themselves typically support and they get a custom coupon code and/or link for that brand. If purchases are made through that link/code, they get a commission for those sales.

Different brands handle their ambassador program differently: but typically some will give you credit for purchasing their products, and some will pay out cash.

Important to note is this *could* affect your amateur status if you compete with an organization like USEF. So be sure to do your due diligence before becoming an ambassador!

If you have been thinking of getting into becoming a brand ambassador, you might be looking for brands to partner with to try and make some side income. I am dropping some companies/links below!

Just a side note: don’t try to promote ALL the brands that have an ambassador program available. Pick the ones that most closely align with your product choices and focus on those. This will give you the best return not to mention more credibility because people will see the same names over and over from you, and most likely see you using those products.

Pivo allows solo creators, athletes, equestrians, and realtors to capture high-quality video and images with 360° Motion Tracking, Target Exposure and Auto Zoom powered by AI technology. Compatible with iOS and Android smartphones.
Sign up to be a Pivo Affiliate here:

Espirit Equestrian was developed after countless purchases of expensive breeches that did not perform as needed. We were tired of paying $100-$200 for breeches that were uncomfortable, did not stay in place, and would become saggy after sitting in a saddle for hours. This was unacceptable and led us to develop the most comfortable riding breeches that perform like you expect!

Sign up to be an Espirit Ambassador here:

Asmar Equestrian redefined riding apparel—extending the equestrian lifestyle to all areas of a rider’s life. From outerwear and technical tops to show apparel, Italian leather handbags and accessories, our mission is to empower you to feel confident and prepared with stylish clothes that are made for the way you move.

Sign up to be an Asmar Equestrian Ambassador here:

Irideon Riding Wear was founded in 2001 to create a durable and sophisticated line of equestrian sportswear for both casual and competitive riders. Every garment is designed and patterned in the saddle for a perfectly styled fit. The patented breech design, technical performance fabrics and contemporary design lines have made Irideon the top choice of riders of all ages and experience.

Sign up to be an IRideon Ambassador here:

Free Ride Equestrian. The simple, free way of life that horses grant us inspired us to start Free Ride Equestrian. From our time in the saddle, we knew there was plenty of room for improvement in the equestrian apparel industry. Equestrian apparel was often complicated and uncomfortable. Our utmost goal has been to create comfortable, unrestrictive apparel the enables athletic performance. 

Sign up to be a Free Ride Equestrian Ambassador here:

Halter Equestrian Apparel is a family run small business, located in Milton, Ontario, Canada, that places a high priority on quality, comfort, style, community and having fun! Halter Equestrian Apparel was founded in 2018 after several disappointing online orders for our horse crazy daughter. Our commitment is to provide the best quality, affordable equestrian tees and apparel and create one of the best customer service experiences to all of our horse loving friends. We love our equestrian community and are focused on bringing you fun, fashionable, comfy apparel.

Sign up to be a Halter Equestrian Apparel Ambassador here:

Horse Pilot designs technical clothes for the riders who experience riding as a sport. A sport which involves moving, sweating, enduring the rain and sometimes falling down. To meet those needs, we use all the tools offered by textile technology: materials, cuts and a garment construction at allow for posture, breathability, insulation and protection.

Sign up to be aHorse Pilot Ambassador here:

Aztec Diamond Equestrian is dressing women, equestrian and not, to look and feel their very best is at the heart of who we are. Known for our distinctive contemporary vision – we create modern products that combine high performance solutions with a luxury finish minus the premium price tag. Our main aim is to make AD accessible to everyone, all riders, all ages, all disciplines.

Sign up to be an Aztec Diamond Equestrian Ambassador here:

At Lascaux Equestrian, we pride ourselves on creating apparel that is meant for riders who expect the best out of what they wear as well as the way in which they perform. When a rider picks up a Lascaux Equestrian product, we hope they will automatically be excited to get out and ride in their new apparel.

Sign up to be a Luscaux Equestrian Ambassador here:

Equestrian Collective is a new brand to the equestrian fashion scene. We have searched the to bring you equestrian wardrobe staples, engineered with high performance fabrics. Our job is to help you work towards your riding goals while keeping you feeling confident and comfy in your riding clothes!

Sign up to be an Equestrian Collective Ambassador here:

My Horses’ Closet is a selection of high-end products, created and inspired by European riders and FEI competitors. The products we create are made for all horse lovers, from schooling, showing to dressage.

Sign up to be a My Horse’s Closet Ambassador here:

Equiluxe was built on showstopping style. Starting our business in the middle of a pandemic didn’t stop us from pursuing our lifelong dream– The dream of providing unique, stylish, never-boring tack and equipment to the horse community with the exceptional level of customer care & service we wish to see more of in the world.

Sign up to be an Equiluxe Ambassador here:

The Ranchy Equestrian is a lifestyle clothing brand with strong focus on agriculture and equestrian apparel of all disciplines. We strive for the ultimate solution – Comfort, Longevity and a sustainable price for all!

Sign up to be a Ranchy Equestrian Ambassador here:

I will be adding to this list as I stumble across more Horse Brand Ambassador Programs!

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