Cleaning a Water Trough with an Electric Drill

If you are like me you HATE scrubbing water tanks. Between getting wet and gross, and my back hurting from bending over, it isn’t the most pleasant of farm jobs.

So I tried a lazy way of getting the job done and it is my new favorite farm hack! I used some scrub brushes for drills (link below), and it saved me a lot of time, effort, and most importantly backache. Sorry, but it didn’t solve the problem of getting gross.

The scrub brush kit for drills that I used:
The drill kit (brushless impact and brushless drill) that I used:

And a bonus video of my funny girl licking the trough after it was scrubbed. Apparently she approves of this new cleaning method. #weirdo


Cleaned the water tanks with an electric drill today, my weirdo approves ?. Visit the website for links & a how to… #weirdo #weirdhorse #funnyanimals #funnyhorse #fyp

♬ So Fresh, So Clean – Outkast

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